Meteorological parameters

The meteorological station of Cinzana (Mali)

At the stations of Banizoumbou (Niger), Cinzana (Mali), and Bambey (Senegal), the wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative humidity are measured with Campbell® Scientific Instruments at 0.1 Hz. Wind speed and wind direction are measured with a 2DWindSonic, temperature and relative humidity using a 50Y or HMP50 probe located in a naturally ventilated 10-plate radiation shield, and precipitation amount with an ARG100 tipping bucket raingauge. The data acquisition is made using data loggers CR200. The meteorological data are recorded as 5 min averages (except for precipitation amount which is accumulated on past 5 min) and distributed as 1 hour averages (except for precipitation amount which is accumulated on past 1hour) (UTC).

SensorMeasurement rangePrecision/Resolution
2DWindSonicwind speed: 0 to 60 m s-1
wind direction: 0 to 360°
wind speed: ±2%; resolution = 0.01 m s-1
wind direction: ±3°; resolution = 3°
HMP50 probeT: -40°C to +60°C
RH: 0 to 100%
T: ±1.4°C at -40°C; ±0.8°C at +60°C
RH: ±3% for 0%<RH<90%; ±5% for 90%<RH<98%
influence of T on RH: <-1.5% at -40°C
<+1% at +60°C
ARG100 raingaugemax = 0.2 mm
loss of accuracy: 4% beyond 25 mm hr-1
8% beyond 133 mm hr-1
Measurement range and precision of the meteorological sensors.