Aerosol chemical speciation

Instrument : Automatic aerosol samplers with size discrimination : PM2,5, PM10, low volume sampling 5l/min with two sampling lines : Teflon filters for mineral analysis and Quartz filters for carbon analysis.

Parameters : concentrations in μg m-3

Temporal resolution: weekly sampling

PM10 Concentrations

Atmospheric concentrations of Particulate Matter smaller than 10 mm (PM10) are measured using a Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance (TEOM 1400A from Thermo Scientific) equipped with a PM10 inlet. The inlet is located at ~6.5 m, except at M’Bour (Senegal) (~10 m). The concentrations in mg.m-3 or ng.m-3 are recorded as 5 min averages.

Aerosol Optical Depth

– Aerosol optical depth are measured by the AERONET/PHOTONS sun photometer network. The network manages about 35 sites mainly located in France and Africa.

Instrument : CIMEL Sun photometer

– Procedures and calibration: PHOTONS AERONET:

Database :