The chemistry laboratory of the Laboratoire d’Aerologie (LA) is dedicated to the preparation and analysis of gaseous, particulate and precipitation samples from all INDAAF measurements stations.

Two main analyses are undertaken in this laboratory:

  • ion chromatography
  • particulate and dissolved carbon analyses

The laboratory also carries out several other measurements including gravimetric analysis of filters (used to collect aerosol samples) as well as pH and conductivity analysis of rain samples.

The activities of the LA have evolved significantly over the past years, partly as a result of changes in the technical needs related to the different research programmes and partly to respond to the increased load of analyses to be carried out. Each year the LA analyses more than 7000 samples, most of which are collected as part of the IDAF program focusing on the study of atmospheric deposition in tropical African regions. Not only does the LA coordinates and analyses all samples from the 8 IDAF stations, but the laboratory also treats samples from other programs coordinated by LA or in collaboration with other laboratories:

  • ORE PAES: from the Pic du Midi research site
  • ORE BVET: from 2 ECCO sites in India
  • GET: from a Cameroonian site in collaboration with the GET
  • POLCA: samples from Dakar and Bamako (part of the CORUS project)
  • IMISA: ANR project concerning pollution in South Africa
  • AMMA: samples from the African Monsoon Multidisciplinary project
  • CAPITOUL: samples from the project in collaboration with Météo France

The activities of the LA extend beyond chemical analyses. The laboratory also manages the preparation of sampling equipment for rain, aerosol and gas measurements, as well as the preparation of passive gas samplers, used for specific chemical species.