Ion Chromatography

The Ion Chromatography (IC) technique is based on the separation of ions through a column charged either positively, in the case of an anion separation column, or negatively, in the case of a cation separation column.

IC analyses are mainly performed on three types of INDAAF samples:

  • rainwater in order to determine the chemical composition of rainfall (major organic and inorganic ions),
  • impregnated filters collected by passive samplers to determine gases concentrations: SO2, NH3, NO2, HNO3 and O3,
  • Teflon filters in order to determine the mineral and organic soluble part of aerosols collected on these filters.

The LAERO’s chemistry service is equipped with:

  • 3 THERMO DIONEX chromatographs: ICS 1000, ICS 1100 and ICS5000+,
  • the Chroméléon THERMO DIONEX acquisition and reprocessing software,
  • THERMO DIONEX automatic loaders.

Analytical protocols:


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