Gravimetric Analyses

The Laboratoire d’Aérologie (LA) has a METTLER MC21S micro-weighing scale used to make gravimetric measurements of filter samples. The scale has a resolution of 1µg, can weigh samples up to 21g in weight and has a precision of ±5µg. The weighing scale is equipped with a measurement tray specifically designed to accommodate the teflon filters used to capture aerosol samples. The filters, between 25-47mm in size, are weighed before and after sampling so as to determine the mass of aerosols collected and estimate the chemical closure of all samples.


  • METTLER MC21S micro-weighing scale
  • METTLER anti-static electricity generator
  • WINWEDGE programme

METTLER MC21S micro-weighing scale with measurement tray specifically designed to weigh the teflon filters used for aerosol samples