Chemical analyses

Chemical analyses of INDAAF rain samples, passive gases samplers and aerosols filters are performed at the chemical analysis service of the Laboratoire d’Aérologie in Toulouse (LAERO). The service leans on two main analytical poles: ionic chromatography and particulate carbon analysis and it also carries out gravimetric measurements on aerosol collection filters and pH and conductivity measurements on rainwater.

The service is also dedicated for the INDAAF measurement sites network to the preparation of collection materials (rain, aerosol filters) and passive samplers dedicated to atmospheric gases concentrations.

Chemical analysis service of LAERO (Toulouse, France)


  • Chromatographes ioniques – THERMO DIONEX ICS1000, ICS1100, ICS5000+
  • Analyseur de carbone particulaire – Modèle 5L Sunset Laboratory
  • PH-mètre – ATI Orion model 350
  • Conductimètre – WTW LF 538
  • Microbalance – SARTORIUS MC21S
  • Balance – SARTORIUS Secura 313-15
  • Sorbonne
  • Four à moufles 1100°C – Thermolyne F48000
  • Four 450°C – Nabertherm
  • Système de production d’eau ultrapure – ELGA Purelab Maxima
  • Détecteur de fuite – REALTEK
  • Etuve – MEMMERT